Gerrards Cross Scottish Country Dancing Club

Learn To Dance

We offer an informal but progressive programme to build skills and confidence while  working with our trained teacher and alongside more experienced dancers. You will be joining in easy dances from the very first evening.

The learn-as-you-dance style of teaching (as opposed to formal Beginners Class teaching), enables everyone to progress at their own pace, so it’s ideal not just for complete beginners but also for those who perhaps danced at school and are just feeling a bit rusty!

For each dance you will be paired with a more experienced partner  who will not only know the moves themselves but will be able to steer you in the right direction, thus complementing the teacher’s instructions and taking some of the pressure off having to remember it all.  You will be able to take as much or as little help from them as you need.

Each evening typically starts with a quick warm-up, perhaps some step practise and then a review of the formations needed in the first dance. We walk through the dance as often as we need to, then try it to music. And what glorious music!  We start by concentrating on easy dances but don’t expect to always get it right first time (or even second time!)  That’s part of the learning process. After the interval we move on to harder dances so beginners are invited either to stay and watch or to leave at that point. The teacher will encourage you to join in as soon as you are ready.

Introductory Evening: See the class at work, join in some step practice and some simple dances. Enjoy the music and watch our most recent beginners demonstrate their favourite dances, and the more experienced members some of theirs. Enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with our teacher and dancers. All FREE!

When you join us you will learn:

How Scottish Dances Work: Couples, Sets, Progression

Some useful terminology: Like all sports and hobbies Scottish dancing has its own unique vocabulary. Casting off means something different to the sailor from what it means to the fisherman or the knitter. And yes, it means something different again in Scottish dancing! We’ll help you learn the most frequently used terms.

The Five Main Steps: You will learn the basic steps – 3 fast and furious, 2 slow and elegant.  The steps are danced in particular formations to make patterns. These formations combine together to make up a specific dance

The first five formations: You will concentrate on the most common formations.

The next five formations: Then the next most common. As new formations crop up the teacher will explain and we’ll practise them. Before long you’ll be surprised how much you’ve picked up.