Gerrards Cross Scottish Country Dancing Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have absolutely no experience – will I be able to do it? 

Yes, our trained teacher will help you master the basic steps and you will be joining in easy dances from your first class. Did you skip along as a child? Yes, then you’re half way to the most common step we do: skip change of step! Can you remember Ring-a-roses? Yes, then you’re ¾ of the way to slip step!  A handful of our members have been dancing since they were knee-high to a grasshopper but most of us have started in the last few years and learnt from scratch.

Do I need to be Scottish?

No, absolutely not!

Do I need a Dance Partner?

No, we change partners between each dance. Men’s and Women’s roles are very similar so women often dance the man’s part. We make sure that beginners are matched with more experienced partners wherever possible.

How does Scottish Country Dancing Work?

First let’s make clear this is country dancing, not highland dancing – no swords are involved! Scottish country dancing consists of five basic steps – 3 fast  and furious,  2 slow and elegant.  The steps are danced in particular formations to make patterns. These formations combine together to make up a specific dance. Once you know the most common formations you can dance a large number of dances, and as new ones crop up the teacher will explain and we’ll practise them. Before long you’ll be surprised how much you’ve picked up. 

How does the Class work?

We start at 7.30 with a quick warm-up, perhaps some step practise and then a review of the formations needed in the first dance. We walk through the dance as often as we need to, then try it to music. And what glorious music!  Dancing is a very collaborative activity and your fellow-dancers will do all they can to help you along. Shortly before 9.00 we break for tea or squash and perhaps a little sustenance. This is a great chance to socialise.  After the interval we move on to harder dances so beginners are invited to either stay and watch or to leave at that point. The class finishes at 10. 

What equipment do I need?  

Scottish Country Dancing is one of the cheapest forms of exercise.  The only equipment you need for class is a pair of soft, flat shoes or pumps you can dance in. Dress code is casual.  Some men choose to wear kilts but it is not compulsory. 

Where could it lead?

If you catch the dancing bug there are lots of opportunities to dance virtually every night of the week and most weekends at events of different degrees of formality. Because we are affiliated to the RSCDS you  have access to a range of day schools and Summer schools as well.  

Is it really good for your health?

The short answer is Yes.  At some clubs you see members dancing well into their eighties – a pretty good indicator of the effectiveness of the long term  health benefits.  But that’s a long way off…

For now

Why not join us at our next open evening on Tuesday 1st October at 7.30? We’d love to see you and introduce you to this wonderful way of spending an evening.   Please contact Suzanne on 01923 283730 if you are interested.